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The Six of Pentacles - Sharing Success in the Tarot

The Six of Pentacles invites you to consider how you ration your resources and how you share your success.

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To give you a bit of context whilst you reflect on your own relationship to the card, here are a few key things to know about the Six of Pentacles.

Quite frankly, the Six of Pentacles is one of the tricker tarot cards to pin down. The Rider Waite Smith Tarot illustrates a scene between three figures: two beggars kneel before a standing character who appears better dressed and in better health - the standing figure holds a scale in one hand and drops coins into the open hands of the beggar on the right. Whether or not there’s anything to spare for the second beggar is left up to interpretation.

Because the Pentacles are associated with earthly resources, the card can be an invitation to examine how you’re using, sharing, or in need of resources in your life.

This is one of those cards where it can be very helpful to check in on where you see yourself reflected in the card. Do you identify most with the figure holding the scales, or the beggars - and if so, which one? Answering that question can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your life and how the card can best guide you. Once you’ve recognised which figure you identify with, ask yourself how you feel about that, and what actions it inspires.

In the Thoth tarot, the card earns the keyword “Success,” which can add some extra depth to the imagery of the Rider Waite Smith deck - with both cards in mind, you could see the card as a prompt to consider the ways in which you share your successes with others. How do you give back, hold space, and lift others up when you’re in the position to do so?

In your tarot journal, you’re asked to reflect on what this card means to you, now, in this moment, and what actions and thoughts it inspires in you. As you journal, pay attention to what you’re personally picking up in the card, but also consider what the key themes and symbols in the card might be telling you. What success are you enjoying right now? How can you share that success with others? Where might you need to look for support from someone currently enjoying more success than you?

This mini-tarot lesson was brought to you by me, Chelsey Pippin Mizzi, founder of Pip Cards Tarot. I hope you gained a little context to help you continue reflecting on the card in your own way, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another mini-lesson.

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