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The Knight of Wands - Pursuing Your Passions in the Tarot

The Knight of Wands is all about pursuing your passion.

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To give you a bit of context whilst you reflect on your own relationship to the card, here are a few key things to know about the Knight of Wands.

Knights in the tarot are symbols of action. Depending on the suit, they charge forward or stand their ground, but in either case, they’re making a choice and making it happen. The Knight of Wands is one of those charging forward Knights, and because the Wands represent the sphere of passion, this is a card about chasing down your big dreams and bringing them to life.

One stand-out element of the card worth noting is the lizard print on the Knight’s clothes. This lizard is present in some form on three of the four Wands card cards: The Page, The Knight, and the King. (It’s left out of the queen, which features feline imagery). What’s interesting is that the symbol evolves through the three cards, ultimately becoming an ouroborus - a dragon eating its own tail.

The ouroborus is a powerful symbol - one we also see in the Magician card (the Magician’s belt is an ouroborus), and worth delving into deeper in your own research. It’s often said to represent wholeness, completeness, full acceptance of ourselves. In the Knight card, we see that the dragon hasn’t eaten its own tail quite yet, but it’s getting there… suggesting that the pursuit of our true desires is an essential part of our journey toward wholeness.

In your tarot journal, you’re asked to reflect on what this card means to you, now, in this moment, and what actions and thoughts it inspires in you. As you journal, pay attention to what you’re personally picking up in the card, but also consider what the key themes and symbols in the card might be telling you. What passions are you pursuing now? What passions would you like to be in pursuit of? How do those passions make you feel more complete as a human being?

This mini-tarot lesson was brought to you by me, Chelsey Pippin Mizzi, founder of Pip Cards Tarot. I hope you gained a little context to help you continue reflecting on the card in your own way, and I’ll see you tomorrow for another mini-lesson.


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