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I would love to get to know you and help you work through blocks - whether creative, personal, or professional - using the tarot, art therapy techniques, and additional strategies gained through my 10+ years experience working in creative industries. Below you'll find options for live coaching services as well as pre-recorded readings. And if you're looking for a more bespoke service, or to hire me for a workshop, party, or event, please don't hesitate to get in touch via email - you can reach me at

£135 - live on Zoom


Feeling creatively dry, totally blocked, or in need of a total shakeup? This deep-dive session is all about honing in on your creative and entreprenurial wellness. Think of it like a spa session for your creative soul.


Using tarot and art therapy methods, we'll go deep to assess your creative challenges and needs, with the aim of setting you off on a clear course of action that helps you reconnect to your creative spark, and pursue your ambitions with confidence.


Sessions are designed completely bespoke, based on an in-depth reflection questionnaire you'll fill out ahead of our time together. After we've met,  a personalised action plan and workbook (10 pages), photos of the cards we drew together, and the option to schedule a free 20 minute follow-up call.

Past clients have called these sessions "the perfect medicine," "a balm" for their creative block, and one client fed back that our time together "wiped away all traces of shame" from her writing life."

£45 - live on Zoom

Are you feeling stuck on a creative project - unable to progress in that novel, start scripting that game, or conceptualising that EP? Let me help you out of that dead zone!

In this 45-minute session we'll get your stalled creativity flowing in no time. Using a combination of tarot cards, oracle decks, and art therapy techniques, I'll provide a supportive, encouraging environment for creative exploration, and help you make a plan for how to move ahead on your passion project.

You'll come away with at least three new creative routes to follow, some recommended action steps, and some new tools to keep your creative spark burning even when you hit your next block.

Past clients have come away with a bank of song lyrics for upcoming recordings, new scenes to tie their novel together, and even brand new book ideas!

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pre-recorded readings

mini reading   £15

a short, to-the-point recorded video reading delivered within 48 hours of purchase. includes a photo of your cards.

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three card reading  £30

a 25-minute video recorded reading delivered within seven days. includes a photo of your cards and written reading summary.

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five+ card reading  £45

a 40-minute video recorded reading delivered within seven days. includes a photo of your cards and written reading summary.

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